February 14, 2019

Vacant Lot Giveaway Announcement

Do you have an idea for vacant lot use in your neighborhood? The Land Bank is giving away three lots from our inventory for community use (along with $5,000 in development funds)!

While we’re still working out the final details, it’s time for you to start gathering your team and planning your project!

Applications will need to include:

  • Planned future use (must have a community use or benefit)
  • Redevelopment plan, timeline and costs
  • Plans for ownership, maintenance and insurance
  • Community support for the project (from adjacent land owners and neighborhood residents)
  • Additional funding sources (if more than $5000 is needed)

The three highest-scoring applicants will receive their respective lot and $5,000 to be used for lot development. We plan to announce the project timeline, scoring system and eligible property list in March.

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Keep an eye out for updates on social media and in our newsletter! Contact Laura at or 402-800-1238 for more information or to be added to the email list.

Why give away lots?

The majority of properties held by the Omaha Municipal Land Bank are vacant lots, and many of these are too small for residential or commercial development. However, unbuildable lots are often the perfect size for a community garden, pocket park, or passive green space! This vacant lot giveaway will allow us to catalyze land use, spark local community investment, and beautify neighborhoods.