March 14, 2019

Win a Vacant Lot and $5000!

What could YOU do with a vacant lot and $5000? Show us your plan and you could win one of three vacant lots and the funds to get it redeveloped. Find all the program details below – and check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration!

Which Lots Can I Pick From?

There are eleven lots eligible for the giveaway; find out more about the lots at the links below and on We’re giving you extra points for selecting a smaller lot for your project (see scoring info below), so see if one of these fit your needs! Lot eligibility is subject to change.

*You get extra points for selecting one of these smaller sized lots!

Map of giveaway lots.

Giveaway Timeline

  • Applications Due: May 27th
  • Winners Announced: June 13th
  • Redevelopment Must be Complete: June 2021

Properties will revert back to Land Bank ownership if redevelopment is not complete within two years.

How Do I Apply?

Use the links above or find the property you’ve selected on our properties page (not all properties on this page are eligible for the giveaway), click on the property you like and make your application straight from the property detail page!

We would love to help you refine your application before you submit it! If you’d like us to review your draft application, please email it to by May 3rd and we’ll give you some tips on what you can do to make it stronger!

Application Process

Our standard application process doesn’t correspond exactly to our needs for the vacant lot giveaway, so please use the instructions below to submit your application.

Start on the property detail page for the lot you’re interested in and click on the button at the top right that says ‘Apply for this Property.’

If you don’t already have an account with us, you’ll need to create one by providing your name and email address. After you have created an account, you’ll select ‘Offer to Purchase’ on the first screen, hit the Next button at the top left of the page, then complete all of the information on the ‘Offer to Purchase’ screen, starting with the applicant information.

  • Your offer amount will be $0
  • Please enter “Vacant Lot Giveaway” for your proposed use statement
  • Your completed application document can be uploaded as your cost estimate document (application document should address each element of the scoring system – include drawings or photos if you like!)
  • Please upload any image related to your project as the proof of funds document (this can be an image that inspired your project, a picture of your team, whatever!)
  • Please check both the $25 Application Fee box, and the $750 Down Payment box, though you won’t need to pay either for the vacant lot giveaway

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the application process! If you don’t have access to a computer, you can come to the office and submit your application using our public computer (it may be best to make an appointment for this).

Scoring System

We’ll score all applications based on the below system. Applications with the most points will then be compared against each other and final winners will be selected in order to have variety in location and redevelopment type.

Community Benefit – 5 points

Tell us how your redevelopment plan will benefit the community. Minimum points for simply enhancing the beauty of an area, more points for a lot that is open for use by the community or that supports the activities of a community partner.

Redevelopment Timeline – 5 points

Tell us how long it will take for you to redevelop the lot. All lots must be developed within two years (by June 2021). Maximum points for sites that can be utilized by fall 2019 (even if all redevelopment is not complete).

Redevelopment Plan – 10 points

Tell us your plan for redeveloping the lot; this should be detailed and feasible. You must include the name of the potential property owner. Maximum points for a plan that is ready for immediate implementation (including detailed costs, contractor name (if needed), volunteer groups, adherence to zoning and code guidelines, detailed site or architectural plans, support from the City Planning Department, etc.). Feel free to include photos or other images! The more details, the better. All winners must display a permanent Land Bank sign at the property (this will be provided for you).

*We recommend contacting the City Planning Department to ensure your plan fits within existing regulations.

Funding – 5 points

Tell us how you plan to fund redevelopment and ongoing costs (for at least five years). The $5000 in redevelopment funds we provide should be included. Maximum points for projects that are fully funded in the short and long terms and for applications that show a proof of funds for costs over $5000. Awarded funds can only be used for lot redevelopment and related activities (yes, throw a pizza party for your volunteers!). Winners will be required to verify the spending of funds received from the Land Bank.

Long-Term Plan – 5 points

Make sure you have a plan to insure and maintain the lot long-term (at least five years). We recommend including a quote for insurance in your application. Specify long-term ownership of the lot and how you plan to address any ownership changes or issues.

Community Support – 5 points

We’d like to see that you have community support for your project. You should reach out to adjacent property owners at a minimum. Extra points given for support from the neighborhood association, local businesses, schools, churches or other organizations.

Selection of a Small Size Lot – 2 points

If you select one of our smaller size lots for your project, you get an additional two points!

X-Factor – 5 points

This is something that makes your plan standout from the crowd – it could be a new and innovative use, a unique partnership or incorporating technology into the site. Excite us!

Total Possible Points – 42 points

Applications must earn at least 15 points to be considered eligible for the giveaway. We reserve the right to give away less than three lots.

What type of redevelopment does the Land Bank want to see?

We’re not picky! We want these lots to serve the needs of the community and you are the best ones to decide what you need. Plant a pollinator garden. Put up a couple basketball hoops for the neighborhood kids. Add a mini playground to your street, or just an area to take a break on a nice afternoon. Your plans can be as impressive or as simple as you like.

Why is the Land Bank giving away lots?

We know that community members have great ideas for ways to transform our properties, but not everyone can afford to purchase and develop a lot. We decided to remove that barrier. We also hope these giveaway lots will start inspiring others to develop our other vacant lots!


We’re always available to answer questions and walk you through the application process. Reach out to Joey, our Communications Specialist, at

We can’t wait to see what you can do!