July 7, 2021

The Land Bank Ambassador Program

Check back next year for the next application cycle!

The Ambassador Program of the Omaha Municipal Land Bank (OMLB) is designed to inform community members about OMLB’s programs and impact while identifying and educating a diverse cohort of potential board applicants. The program supports diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in housing through the delivery of housing specific DEI education.  Additionally, participants will learn about OMLB programs, partner organizations, and the public process.

A cohort of applicants will be selected to participate in the 2021-2022 class of OMLB Ambassadors, with a minimum of one participant selected from each City Council District.  Participants will meet monthly for one year, beginning with the September 8th, 2021 kickoff event.  Successful completion of the program requires attendance at all meetings, unless the participant has been previously excused.  A tentative calendar of events is included with this application.

OMLB is a quasi-public entity, and the board is appointed by the Mayor.  Selection and participation in the OMLB Ambassador Program does not guarantee selection for OMLB’s Board of Directors. Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

With any questions, please email