April 27, 2020

Garden Lots Available!

Still looking for that perfect place to build your summer garden? It’s never too late to rent a space from us for just $25 per year! See the map below of all the locations you can plant the garden of your dreams. (Hint: to search by lot size, click on the rectangle in the upper left-hand corner!)

The Land Bank wants to make urban gardening an opportunity for all community members to take part in! Contact us at 402-800-1240 or to discuss flexible rent pricing.

Adopt-A-Lot Instructions

Step 1: Find a Property

Check out the properties above or view all properties currently for sale by clicking here. You can apply to rent any lot that is currently listed “For Sale”.

See FAQs below for more information on water access.

Step 2: Complete Adopt-A-Lot Application

To rent any of our garden spaces, you must submit an Adopt-A-Lot application. You can complete this online application directly from the property’s listing page. Please be sure to select the Adopt-A-Lot option when beginning the application process. You can view a sample application here. If you need an accommodation such as a printed application, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Complete applications will include:

  1. The stated end-use for the property (what your garden plans are for the property)
  2. $25 Adopt-A-Lot renting fee – can be paid online or in-person with cash or check

Step 3: Sign Lease Agreement

After you submit an Adopt-A-Lot application, we will review your application and reach out to you within 30 days to sign a lease agreement. You can view a sample of this agreement here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do any of the Land Bank’s properties have access to water onsite?

A: Our properties do not have access to water supplies onsite. The most common onsite water sources are rain barrels or water tanks that can be left at the garden space throughout your lease.

  • You can purchase rain barrels from most stores with a home improvement or gardening department like Home Depot or Walmart
  • Build your own rain barrel with instructions from Omaha Stormwater!
  • Contact the City of Omaha’s Urban Gardening Department for information on water storage tanks 402-444-5150 ext. 2021

Q: What is the main difference between renting and purchasing a garden lot?

A: The biggest differences between renting and purchasing a garden lot are outlined within the rent agreement.

  1. Permanent improvements such as water hookups/spigot and trees may not be placed on rented lots
  2. Our rent agreements have a 30-termination clause, meaning either party, the Land Bank or the renter, may terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice

Q: If I sign my lease for one year but only want to garden for three months, do I have to maintain the property throughout the entire year?

A: Renters are required to maintain the property during the lease period. You can always contact us to terminate your lease with a 30-day notice.

For more information, visit our Resources page, or contact us to learn more!