Ambassador Program


The Ambassador Program of the Omaha Land Bank is designed to deepen and expand the bench of stakeholders and community members from whom the Land Bank learns, and to whom the Land Bank seeks to support and serve. Through the Ambassador Program, the Land Bank hopes to identify and share learning with a diverse cohort of potential board applicants and community advocates, to provide participants with information and experience regarding the Land Bank’s programs and potential impacts, and to learn from community members how the Land Bank can continuously be a better neighbor.


Each year’s cohort attends training sessions once per month for nine months, beginning in September and ending in May. There is a minimum of one participant selected from each City Council District. Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Successful completion of the program requires attendance at all meetings, unless the participant has been previously excused, and attendance at a minimum of one Land Bank Board Meeting.


Applications for the 2022-2023 Land Bank’s Ambassador Program are now closed. Next year’s program applications will begin in July 2023.


With any questions, please email [email protected]

Clean & Green Program


The Clean & Green Program addresses blighted and abandoned properties in Omaha’s most underinvested neighborhoods. We will achieve this by partnering with community-based organizations to enhance the appearance and use of vacant land. Our Clean & Green Program focuses on achieving the following core goals: (1) Clean and maintain at least 25 vacant properties annually in the North Omaha and South Omaha neighborhoods, (2) Engage community-based organizations and groups in improving the health and safety of neighborhoods, (3) Revitalize neighborhoods by transforming vacant lots into green spaces, and (4) Strengthen the Land Bank’s relationship with the community.


Community-based organizations will be selected to maintain vacant properties for one full calendar year. Maintenance includes mowing grass and clearing sidewalks of snow (if applicable).  Groups may also utilize their creativity to implement temporary projects such as gardens, benches, or anything that enhances the lot to positively contribute to the community (no construction or permanent structures; projects require pre-approval from the Land Bank). To assist with this effort, community groups will be provided with a stipend. Program attendees will be required to attend an orientation and fall/spring training sessions. 

Applications for the 2022-2023 Land Bank’s Clean & Green Program are now closed. Next year’s program applications will begin in Fall 2023.

With any questions, please email [email protected]