Property Sales

Interested in purchasing properties from the land bank?

Important Dates for Applications

  • Applications are due by the second Monday of each month.
  • The Acquisitions & Dispositions Committee meets on the last Thursday of the month to review completed applications.
  • Applications recommended for approval are presented to our Board of Directors on the second Wednesday of each month.
Printed Application (English)Solicitud Impresa (En español)

About the Program

OMLB’s disposition process grants it the unique ability to prioritize the sale of properties based on a proposed project for a parcel, community needs, buyer’s credibility, or the redevelopment area.

With each lot transformation activated and sold for development, the neighborhood grows one step closer to moving the needle in addressing the housing shortage needs.

To ensure properties are put to productive use, the OLB monitors redevelopment plans to ensure that vacant lots are redeveloped within two years and houses are renovated within nine months.

In 2022, the OMLB sold a total of 68 properties to community members who had diverse plans to expand property lines, create garden lots, and community spaces, or build new housing.

Successful Buyer

Land banks can help resolve some of the toughest barriers that keep properties stuck in decline and assist in reestablishing property markets, stabilizing property values, and returning properties to productive use after sudden shocks or long-term declines. The Omaha Municipal Land Bank (OMLB) is a nonprofit that aims to empower Omaha to create sustainable communities through the equitable transformation of problem properties.

Through this workshop, attendees will learn how land banks can be used as a tool to stimulate the local economy, and prospective buyers will have an opportunity to learn about the process of purchasing properties from Omaha’s own land bank.

Join us for this presentation to learn how you can partner with the land bank and other resource agencies to transform neglected properties into assets – building sustainable communities.

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Want to learn more about our process?

Learn more about our process for acquiring, maintaining and selling properties by reading our policies found at the link below: